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Coaches Needed

One necessary component to train young entrepreneurs is coaching. Even as you think about your own business career, most likely, someone with some specific training or experience helped you as you grew. The BDC is committed to providing coaching to every student that comes through the training, so they can also profit from others successes and failures.

Coaches can participate in two ways:

  • Online coaching done through emails and internet phone calls
  • Onsite coaching where visitors can come alongside a student or BDC alumni and discuss the issues of the business either over a cup of coffee or at the business itself.

Becoming a BDC Coach

Online coaches:

Duration of commitment:             10 weeks

Responsibilities:                         Respond to one email per week and 3 “skype” calls during the period


Onsite coaches:

Duration of commitment:             1 day to 1 week

Responsibilities:                         One-hour coaching sessions with individual entrepreneurs.  When requested visit the local business to gain insight

Expert Presenter:  If an onsite coach has special expertise in an applicable field to share with our entrepreneurs, we would make every effort to utilize this expertise in our training sessions. We could also arrange a special event through our Alumni Network to train alumni and members of the local business community.

Before becoming a BDC Uganda Coach, we request that you complete a questionnaire.  The more we know about a potential coach’s background, experience, and passion, the more effectively we can maximize their time, especially those who come and serve onsite with us.  Once the questionnaire and any required follow-up is completed you can become a member of our coach’s pool and will be given the opportunity to serve as a coach as your time permits.

Interested in Becoming a BDC Coach?

If you are interested in making an impact on the business culture of Uganda by becoming a part of the network of BDC Uganda as a coach, please email